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Accra Angels Series: Deep Dive into Fintech Ecosystem in Ghana

Posted: 05 Aug 2020 09:45 AM PDT

The Accra Angels Network presents the Accra Angel Series. Join us on the 6th of August where we will dive into the fintech space and ecosystem in Ghana.
Save the date and join via this link.  


Highlights from the 1st Global Online Startup Tech Summit 2020

Posted: 05 Aug 2020 06:40 AM PDT

We had Interesting Talks:
-Roberto Croci from Microsoft spoke about Microsoft for Startups strategy which transformed to accelerate and create more value to startups.
-Seth Hauben from GSVlabs labs explained how GLOBAL SILICON VALLEY is empowering entrepreneurs and democratizing Innovation around the World.
-Maya El Hajjeh from KnowledgeNet explained their partnership propostion to fintech startups helping them to build MVPs and beyond.
-Eid Amjad Swais from  touched on the Jordanian entrepreneurial ecosystem and what they are doing to innovate, disrupt & scale.

The event hosted pitches from 6 Tech Startups coming from MENA and Sub Saharan Africa who are now connected via startupconfederation to decision makers and partners that can help them in their continued success.

You can watch the summit recording on:
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Startup Confederation Organizing Start Pitches 1st Event 29th July 2020

Posted: 05 Aug 2020 06:40 AM PDT

We are Fintech CEO Club and one of other C-Level Business HUB now launching is Startup Confederation ( Our 1st Event is Start Pitches (29th July 2020 | 12:00-15:00 GMT) will make emeet Startup Supporters Institutons and Startups that is going to stream live at and , If you are related with Startup/Digital Economy reach us and join us to our email or whatsapp groups :

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